• Welcome to Andymac Palace
    County Resort and Conference Center
  • Two & Three Bedroom
    Furnished deluxe apartment & Penthouse
  • Fine Dining in style
    at the Rudolf restaurant
  • Executive Conference Facilities
    For Corporate events
  • High Class Amenities
    the place where ordinary KENYANS offer extra-ordinary services

Andymac Palace aims at becoming a living example of private sector participation in social development whereby through its corporate entity, the social responsibility to its own staff and the neighboring community at large will be recognized. In the coming years, Andymac Palace is planning to sponsor directly and in-directly various community development projects geared towards the improvement of living standards in the community residing around “Mwakingali” area.  

Andymac Palace is currently sponsoring a needy girl child at Mwatate Junior Academy by the name Rebecca Mwashighadi. 

On matters environment, Andymac Palace has not ONLY built and incorporated a fish pond in which hundreds of tilapia live peacefully as an ornamental out-fit for the beautification of the resort, but also constructed a gigantic pergola adjacent to the fish pond out of concrete columns and beams with wooden planks nicely lying on the top and lavishly covered by numerous plant species that camouflage the entire top of the pergola. This, together with another two similar pergolas that are built in front of two apartments and a fourth one on the roof-top of the main four-storey-building,  give the resort a complete green and natural effect that is very attractive and extremely environmental-friendly. 

At the moment, the resort is nurturing bougainvillea among many other plant species that are already growing and creeping on the external wall of the resort’s main four-storey-building. The idea is to cover the entire buildings with growing flowery creepers that will bring nature’s presence around the resort and indeed give the much needed cooling effect in the inside of the resort which is a substantial advantage to the existing ambience.

Andymac Palace believes strongly that Profit alone is NOT the measure of a successful business but the impact the business has on the lives of the community around should be the underlying premise of a business.